Hi, my name is Akane Yuki!

I’m a Japan-born Kinesiology practitioner who offers variety of Kinesiology session.

Currently living in Brooklyn NY and doing my practice at my place or at my favorite place, nice coffee shops in Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Here is my menu!

Aroma Kinesiology

= Special offer for the first timer! =

$30 / 30 min   or   $60 / 60 min

= Regular price =

$80 / 60 min session

$110 / 90 min session

What is Kinesiology???

*Kinesiology is a study of relationship between muscle and emotion.

*Kinesiology is a health method that contains the essence of Chiropractic and Chinese Medicine. Our body (muscle) react differently depend on what kind of emotion you have.

*Kinesiology session I offer is NOT medical treatment. I offer these session for your body and mind to be well balanced.

Here is an example,

When you are under some kind of stress, your muscle reaction gets weak.

When you are NOT under stress (when you feel happy and calm), your muscle reaction gets strong.

In my Aroma Kinesiology session,

I check your muscle strength by pushing your arm or finger gently,  and that tells me what do you feel stress about.

After that, your amazing body (your unconsciousness) will tell me what to do!

Your body will choose one right aroma oil which release your stress.

The aroma oil I use is specially made for Kinesiology which works great for balancing your body and releasing your emotional stress.

Please enjoy to feel your stress level going down:)

Thank you for your visit.

If you have any question about my practice, feel free to contact me at hi@akaneyuki.com